For Shorebird Surveyors and Project Leaders

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Survey Training Resources

Counting Shorebirds from Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey Training (English)

Shorebird Estimation from Bird Studies Canada (English)

Shorebird Recording Tips (English)

Shorebird Identification Tips from Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey Training

Recording Survey Area Conditions from Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey Training (English)

Video Guide for Protocols and Data Sheets (English)

Protocols and Data Sheets

Coastal Estuary Area Search Survey

Point Count Transects of Flooded Agriculture

Area Search Transects of Managed Wetlands

Data Entry

Home page of the California Avian Data Center

Data Entry Protocol

Project Leader Tips

  1. How to Add Researchers
  2. How to Edit Survey Info
  3. How to Edit Site Conditions
  4. How to Edit Detections
  5. How to Download Data
  6. How to Add Sampling Units
  7. How to Add Geometry
  8. How to Edit Species List
  9. How to Update Field Data Forms