Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey! If your organization would like to help conduct surveys, please contact Matt Reiter (

Interested in Counting Shorebirds?

Volunteer surveyors are the heart of the Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey. We invite volunteers to take ownership of a survey route and then cover the route each year. Take part in the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats by contributing to a long term monitoring program. If you are an individual looking to volunteer for one of our established surveys, please note the below requirements and then contact the appropriate person for your desired survey in the table.

Time Commitment: ~2 days each year:

  • Training: Attend a protocol training session or watch the online training video prior to the survey.
  • Scouting: Become familiar with your site, make sure you know the access points and how long it will take to cover the area.
  • Survey: One day between November 15th and December 15th (a specific date may be chosen by the survey coordinator).

The best candidates for the project will:

  • have their own optics (binoculars and scope)
  • possess reliable transportation
  • be willing to follow a protocol and enter data online into CADC
  • have computer knowledge and skills
  • have a passion for and dedication to shorebird conservation
  • be enthusiastic about long term ecological monitoring projects

Survey areas are listed from north to south along the US West Coast

Survey NameContact NameContact Email
Puget Sound Shorebird Survey (WA)Gary
Grays Harbor Shorebird Survey (WA)Vanessa
Willapa Bay Shorebird Survey (WA)Vanessa
Columbia River Estuary Shorebird Survey (WA/OR)Vanessa
Yaquina Bay Shorebird Survey (OR)Cheryl
Coos Bay Shorebird Survey (OR)Blake
Humboldt Bay Shorebird Survey (CA)Sean
Central Valley Shorebird Survey (CA)Blake
Tomales Bay Shorebird Survey (CA)Emiko
Point Reyes Estero Shorebird Survey (CA)Mark
San Francisco Bay Shorebird Survey (CA)Mark
Elkhorn Slough Shorebird Survey (CA)Susie
San Diego Bay Shorebird Survey (CA)Mark
Salton Sea Shorebird Survey (CA)Blake